Dialogues - Conversations with my Higher Self

Dialogues -- Conversations with my Higher Self

Inspiring and groundbreaking channeled conversations about life, death, happiness, relationships, science, and the universe.

Imagine if you could connect with your personal spirit guides, and get the answer to ANY question you wanted!
That's what happened to me, and it was totally awesome.
Frankly, I never expected it. I never thought I was capable. But I discovered that not only is it possible to contact your own Higher Self and your own spirit guides, it's the most natural thing in the world!
Come along with me as I explore my own personal opening to spirit. After you finish, you may be able to do so as well. Dialogues - Conversations with my Higher Self describes my personal discovery of the higher self, and the incredible 'natural high' that goes along with it.
We'll ask and answer questions like, Are there other dimensions?
 Is there really life after death? 
 Is time travel possible?
Why are things so messed up on planet earth?
What's it like in the 'spirit world?' Why am I here?

In over 70 fascinating conversations, I received answers to these questions -- and many more -- through what I can only call a higher energy, or maybe I should say, a broader awareness .

One day I sat at my keyboard and typed out a question. Unexpectedly, I began to receive answers! These replies came to me with a feeling of well-being and complete, unshakable certainty, along with a data stream that sometimes took me twenty minutes or more to type out. The more questions I asked, the more answers I got, and, over a 4 month period, I had so much material I turned it into this book.

I asked questions on every conceivable subject from life after death to relationships, from sex to crop circles, and received replies that often astonished me. Curiously, the answers were always uplifting and inspiring; never was there a negative or derogatory thought.

Eventually, I also ascertained the identity of those responding. Discover, as I did, the uplifting nature of Truth from the perspective of higher consciousness.

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