Opening To Source

Opening To Source

One man's spiritual opening to spiritual awareness and well being. Contains 4 e-Books, fully indexed and bookmarked in pdf format.

Opening To Source contains:
"Dialogues -- Conversations with my Higher Self"
"I Love You Dad -- Conversations with my Father"
"How to Channel"
"The Science of Being Great" by Wallace Wattles

Essential information about the fundamental questions of life, as told by non-corporeal personalities.
The biological basis for consciousness -- the idea that self awareness comes forth from a pile of neurons -- is a joke. It is the biggest lie on planet earth. The fact is that each and every human being on this planet -- from the most successful businessman or the enlightened master -- to the bum or the homeless person -- is an eternal consciousness, on earth associated with a physical body and having a temporary physical experience.
In Opening to Source, the author, Kenneth James Michael MacLean, describes life on earth from the perspective of non-corporeal personalities. Yes, it's true: there is life after death.
Find the answers to the fundamental questions of life in this exciting and groundbreaking collection.

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