The Path to Personal Power

The Path to Personal Power

Applying universal principles to life for happiness and success 4 e-Book collection

The universe and everything in it is vibrational in nature. The universe is a field of consciousness that surrounds and penetrates all things. Therefore, all things, all life everywhere, in interconnected. Thought itself is vibrational, and travels upon a universal medium of subtle energy.
Universal laws exist and have been known for thousands of years. This information, which has been hidden for millennia, is being gradually rediscovered.
The universe, like any good device or machine, has an interface that allows you to work with it. Every human being on this planet is connected to it. Therefore every person is empowered.
The Path to Personal Power describes the universal interface in clear and concise language, and how to use it, for more happiness, prosperity, and success.

The Path to Personal Power contains 4 e-books:
"The Vibrational Universe"
"What Do You Do... When All Hell Breaks Loose?"
"What is Money?"
"The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles

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